Working blog: THE QUESTION: a chainletter story

So odie mama. I can post history, background and ideas here, as can you. I am not opposed to anyone sharing info. A lot of my last ten post have been research on our story. All the Buddhist stories. The Crane Kung Fu and others.

I was looking to see if girls were sold into prostitution and I found a post by a fellow wordpress blogger on just that, sitting a timeline.

There are Shaolin Temples in the mountains as is spoken of in the the Buddhist history stories. I have committed it to be that but it sort of works.

Some thoughts:

Possibly the girls are twins

Great kung fu fighters

There is a Master Wu for real. He is a Kung Fu Master.


6 thoughts on “Working blog: THE QUESTION: a chainletter story

  1. hello! yes. kung fu not karate! glad we are both commited to project. traditional chain letter form usually gives way to many surprises, and of course incongruencies (which i have no doubt we can smooth out for any final printing, publication, or movie deals)! yes, i have great hopes for what our collaboration will bring for the girls. i like having the historical anchor. but also love some of our original ad libs about non historical items such as the tree of dreams, etc. was hoping we could write freely using both with a final edit at the end if needed. i love how story is unfolding so far. please feel free to write as you wish. if i have directional issues i have major questions about i will consult you immediately. nut i really like the surprise element of project.

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