Butterflies are flying
Their orange wings touch the sun
They perch on fresh leaves!
By Jaya


(Haiku’s are Japanese but I feel Shanzen has some poetry in her so this will do for now.)

Haiku’s from students:


3 thoughts on “Monarch

  1. Butterfly Blessing

    Soft fluffy clouds moved lazily across the sky occasionally passing the sun. Shanzen sat on the warm flat rock looking down into the valley. She had been in meditation for several hours, her mind was empty. The gong was sounded denoting time for dharma, she opened her eyes and looked to some wild flowers growing near the cliff edge. A small monarch butterfly was sitting there, so Shanzen spoke to it, “Hello little one, it is so nice to see you today.” The monarch took flight and circled her head. Shanzen’s heart was brightened by the blessing of the butterfly.

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