Shaolin Temple Diet

Thank goodness for the web, others that have gone before have asked an answered these same questions. I know Buddhist are vegetarian. I was personally curious what sorts of meals that might be prepared at a Shaolin Monastery. So far I have not gotten recipes but have discovered that monks do not eat spicy or flavorful foods, choosing to keep food simple as in Buddhism. They exclude onions, ginger, garlic and the like as they might elicit emotion as the writer of this article has informed her readers.

It has been about five years since I studied Qigong or practiced (sadly) but as memory serves me, the type of chi derived from food is called gu chi. I found this excellent article on the types of chi and where it comes from. The writer says this about gu chi.

Gu Chi – This is “After Heaven” chi and is derived from food. It is the chi of the spleen.

Now I must stop this research and blogging and go study for a History test, that I have to take before midnight (in 12 hours) which has nothing to do with China; Monasteries, Buddhism, Qigong, Writing, Blogging or Shaolin Kung Fu.  😦


4 thoughts on “Shaolin Temple Diet

  1. Thanks I wanted something more specific but probably white rice and vegetables but which vegetables could they grown in that region. Oh well, it will have to do for now. lol Much love writing buddy.

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