Still uncertain of the name? Wikipedia says.

“In mainland China and Taiwan, it is called dǒulì (斗笠; literally, a one-dǒu bamboo hat, 笠帽, 竹笠).”

This writing works in progress has been extremely educational. What is really fascinating to me is how the story flows as though it already exist, and it is not just me, but another person,(who I do not have the good fortune to know in person,) odie mama. I will think of something like the legend of the twins and it exist or check a name and it exist, so so many things. Female Shaolin warriors, they exist, it is just….bizarre. I am no authority on China, Chinese culture, history, Shaolin monks, Buddhism or martial arts, so please feel free to correct me, I look and I research but I will be using literary license.

I will try to run with fact but I don’t want to stop the flow, so I may create and expand on facts and legends.


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