The Great Wall

The Great Wall of China is one of the magnificent man-made wonders in the history of mankind, built about 2000 years ago. Though many sections of the Great Wall of China has ruined, it is still one of the structure that has a glorious history and an appealing architecture. The Great Wall stretches across mountains, deserts, grasslands for about 5,500.3 miles (8,851.8 kilometers) from east to west in the northern part of China. The Great Wall of China was built to protect the northern Chinese empire from foreign invasions.

Emperor Qin Shi Huang, conquered many opposing states, unified under his Qin Dynasty and ordered to build the Great Wall of China in 221 BC. Qin Shi used captured enemies, criminals, peasants and anyone whom he disliked for the construction of Great Wall. Transporting a large volume of materials to build the Great Wall was difficult during that period, so Qin Shi ordered to build the Great Wall with the resources available locally. This is why the Great wall was built with a mixture of stones, bricks, and even wood. Though there are no historical records, many historians claim that the Great Wall of China was built by hundreds of thousands workers. During the construction of the Great Wall of China workers were plagued with many diseases and thousands of workers lost their lives. As many scholars say, “Each stone in the wall represents a life lost in the wall’s construction”.

Major section of the wall built during Qin Dynasty is ruined and destroyed completely. The Great Wall of China that you see today is mainly built by the Han, Sui, and Liao dynasties that ruled China in later years. During their era they repaired various sections of Great Wall.


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