This picture reminded me of odie mama (who from here out I will call om) description of the cave temples.

I want to say how much I loved and enjoyed her descriptive locations for the story.


Excerpt written by my partner om for The Story

Instead of leading the girls down a the left leaning hallway towards the rooms that hid the sacred room among them, the old monk stopped before an alcove with a five foot state of the Buddha in his infinite state of understanding.

“What i am about to show you has been kept a monastery secret for millennia.” He placed his hands upon the Buddha’s’ shoulders and pressed inward on them with a steady force. The statue slid back into the alcove and a small doorway opened behind it. The newly revealed pathway was dark. cool air rushed out into the hallway and the girls could feel it gathering by their feet.

“Follow me closely. Never stray. Do not speak. No matter what your eyes see. Copy my movements exactly, and most important. Step as quietly as the crane steps upon the river while he fishes”, Master Wu said.

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