Cave Pool

“Tell me what you know of the ceremony sister,” Wei Lin said in a soft lyrical tone. “The element of fire is the one that I am most familiar with. It is usually done by walking on burning embers to show a shaolin has mastered his mind. I have been the only female to ever train to be a Kung Fu master and I thought I had some time to prepare. It has become clear that I do not, that we do not. The water purification would involve bathing. I guess we are to immerse ourselves in the sacred pool.” Her twins face was illuminated in a blue glow from the water and the light from the touches on the cave wall. The pair stood and removed their robes, standing naked in front of one another. Cat like muscles cut the skin tautly on their young bodies. Holding hands the twins stepped into the pool. A mist rose from nowhere out of the pool enshrouding them. Shanzen wasn’t at all sure what to make of this? They were still holding hands the water swirling around their limbs, their waist and breast. The mist in the center began to form into a shape, like shapes in clouds, a favorite childhood pastime of Shanzen’s. “Do you see this?” she whispered to Wei Lin who squeezed her hand in reply not speaking.

Excerpt from my next installation to The Story


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