Writing Fiction and Blogging

For me, every picture tells a story. This story began with a picture odie mama posted on eyesOfOdysseus  with the post of a picture asking a question. Viola, here we are with a story unfolding from that image.   When I started this blog it was a place that I could record history and give myself images. I have discovered this collaboration and  blogging combined, to be super inspirational and motivating. My creative juices started flowing like the saliva of Pavlov’s dogs at the ringing of the bell. (lol a reference from my Psychology reading)

Until I thought about this some years ago in regard to remote viewing, I never stopped to think that other people may not see images constantly when interacting with their world. If you tell me about anything, I see a movie in my mind. When I think about a story I see scenes like in a movie and then I just watch the movie and write what I see.

Since Word Press allows you many blogs, I create a new one for each project, where I can create a look, a mood, a place to imprint impressions. I just wanted to share this with the writing and blogging community here as it has really just un-dammed by creative river.

In saying all of this I have a History exam to take, a couple of chapters of Psych to read and a paper to write on Richard Wagner. Not to mention my Web Design tutorial homework I have not even started, and I am blogging outside to a nice Summer rain storm , from the hurricane south in the Gulf. 


7 thoughts on “Writing Fiction and Blogging

  1. Hi Blue,

    One of your most enjoyable entries to read (and youve had so many), not because of the referencing of mt blog, but solely because after reading this it reminded me to hang in there with you on the question despite all the shit ive been going thru lately.
    If you can do it with school, i can certainly do it with work and art and lack of sleep distractions…
    I think you put exactly into works how special our collaboration on the story has been for me creatively and emotionally as well. I wont let us down because I wont the chaos of my life derail what beauty we’ve already created.
    somehow this process of two people that have never met (us) sharing one vision has been pure magic. destiny, fate, whatever the word may be, seems to be involved here. and i keep seeing it in the little things that our co-creation has yielded.
    ill share a small story as an example”
    one night, about two weeks ago? i woke at 333 am exactly. i knew it was one of those “spiritual influences” that caused my waking. I told my friend about the story. He sent me an email that day that explained the spiritual meaning behind certain repeat numerology in our lives…. and heres what it said:

    333 – The Ascended Masters are near you, desiring you to know that you have their help, love, and companionship. Call upon the Ascended Masters often, especially when you see the number 3 patterns around you. Some of the more famous Ascended Masters include: Jesus, Moses, Mary, Quan Yin, and Yogananda. The 333 sign shows that the Ascended Masters agree with your thoughts and feelings, whether negative or positive.

    I had never heard of Quan Yin before we started the story… I just thought this was so cool to have happened. and that she appeared in this way in my conscious life…

    Ok. I gotta run blue. hope school is going well. and my part of story will be up soon. i know how i want it to go. so that helps.

    spirit hugs……..

  2. What a pleasant post to read.Thanks so much. I have been sitting at the dinning room table reading Psychology for 7 hours, just got to play time. never feel pressured to write it, just have fun. It amazes me the ease at which we have co-created, the magic. 3 is my number, I was born on 30, a three, my initials are 3 S’s. It just goes on, my favorite age was 33. lol

    I have had these magical, mystical moments writing this too, so many I lost track.
    Be loving to yourself. I see us meeting for something involving this story and business in Manhattan, where I have never been,


    • Hi blue. Just read this now. what’s so interesting was I was saying to a friend of mine, well a few actually,.that I saw myself going to down to nola or you coming up to chi for us to meet about the publishing of this book/writing of the movie script. I am no longer in nyc…which is an emotional blessing. That city eats souls for breakfast. I am open to either way of meeting of course. In some ways our destinys.are like the twins. Never having meet but meeting through an intangible medium like fate, our in our case blogging… 😉

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