Chamber Of Lights

The two girls looked around and found themselves in another candle lit room that was even bigger than the towering great tapestry room had been. Perhaps 3 times as large. But where the other room was tall, this room was long. The two lengthwise walls of the rooms were lined with goblets too numerous to count. They filled the whole length of the room. Master Wu stood and motioned to Wei lin to choose a goblet from the right side of the chamber where a gigantic length of expensive blue silk covered the wall, and for Shanzen to pick a goblet of her own from the opposite wall, covered with a what must have been the kingdoms entire supply of blood red silk. The twins were unsure which cup to pick for there were so many. “Where to start….?” they thought.
Each felt a gentle push from Master Wu that helped them to step forward. Shanzen approached the fire colored side of the room and Wei lin approached the side filled with the hue of ice blue. The twins forced all remaining fears and anxiety out of their minds and began the important task of goblet picking.
Shanzen chose her goblet first at Master Wus urging; another gentle push. She made her way quickly down the row. She was only 9 paces away from Wu and LIn when her hand shot out seemingly of its own volition and grasped a cup. “This is the one!” she whispered as her own voice jumped out of her. She wasnt sure how it had all happened, but there was a doubtless certainty to her own voice and the swift movement of her hand as shed done so.
With her delicate fingers wrapped tightly around the large goblet she returned to master Wus side. For the first time she gave her decision a genuine look. She had chosen a chalice of unusual shape. It was only rounded and bejeweled on three sides. The fourth was flat except for a few strange jagged points and had no ornamentation or gold, as if it had fallen on its side or on the ground while it was being made. Shanzen prayed that she her unconscious self had chosen wisely, bur her fully aware self was worried . Why she had picked such a lopsided object from the infinite number of perfectly shaped, beautifully ornamented choices before her?
“Ive failed” she thought. She wanted to cry, but bit her lower lip instead as she handed the goblet to Master Wu. He showed no reaction to her choice. He simply pointed to Wei Lin that it was her turn to choose. Would her twin fail as well Shanzen thought. “Please be our redemption”

(Excerpt from The Story)

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