Azure Dragon of the East from Chinese mythology.

Art by: Matt Fletcher

(Excerpt from The Question)

Shanzen went to her knapsack and retrieved a small hand flute. She began to play a beautiful and haunting melody that echoed into the valley below. The notes of the music moved with the wind around the mountain tops. Wei Lin began to dance her movements were fluid and graceful. She knew to seduce the wind with movement. Together they were beguiling the wind, mesmerizing into a somnambulist state. Now aware that there was an evil force that threatened her and her sister, she would remain vigilant and in an offensive mode. This was not unopposed ground, how naïve of her, until just a moment ago she had remained innocent and unaware of evil. She had been sheltered to a large degree from darkness, allowing her focus on enlightenment. Things were different now; she and her sister had a foe of dark magic. Still dancing Wei Lin raises her willowy arms in sway, “I call upon the Eight to come upon their clouds to protect us. Shanzen my sister plays the flute for you, Han Xiang Zi, I dance for you, Uncle, we are your kin, oh great immortals. We are the daughters of Quan Yin.”  Shanzen moved her melody to that of the song of love to the Great Mother, Quan Yin. The sweet gentle melody used to lull a babe to sleep. The wind came from the west steadily increasing with each second.  Shanzen increased the tempo of the music as Wei Lin movements were faster and more fluid until she appeared as a white mist whirling with the wind. The music and the wind surrounded her as she watched her sister as a mist materialize into that of a crane with wings outstretched floating on the wind. Shanzen started to feel weightlessness as if she had no body at all. She was no longer playing the flute yet she heard it still the melody in the wind. A strong gust of wind lifted her off the ground, she outstretched her arms, which were not arms at all but beautiful white wings. The pair of magnificent birds circled high above the valley, above the mountain tops. With the help of immortals and their magic, they had triumphed over the trial of the wind.

An ominous roar was heard in the east, the sound of a great beast. Gigantic wings were first seen flapping as the Azure Dragon appeared, looming larger and larger as it neared. The sound heard sounded of mighty thunder. An echoing roar came from the east as the Great Red Dragon approached breathing fire.  “Do not be fearful, sister,” says Wei Lin to Shanzen, “The dragons are our protectors.”

Written by: Sindy

Writers Note:

I am not certain about the dragons? Maybe too much? Or at least ethereal. Any opinions? Any readers of the story? odie mama what say you?


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