Collective Consciousness & Writing

To begin, I am writing from a jovial, yet introspective mood. I was thinking of all my many life experiences and roads traveled. In my mind I was thinking how clever I am, how I had so many ideas and concepts that did manifest, just not via my own execution. Were those ideas originated from me? I do not believe this to be true.

I think I am just a listener or receiver of the collective consciousness, viewing and hearing collective visions and stories. I have a wild, open and vivid imagination, that I have always fostered. I have not always nourished my imagination however.

Nourishing our creative  and playful nature is good for the soul. I digress. On my spiritual study in that of the mind, I know the relevance of stillness and the void. The observation of the gaps between thoughts, and the origin of the thought. Please do not think that I have mastered this because I have not.

In the writing of “The Question” with my co-writer, odie mama, I have seen the story before my inner eyes on a mind screen. The story tells itself, as long as I am tuned in. I cannot even write it before I find the channel. Sometimes it is a picture or an article, that triggers the connection.

So just sharing my thoughts on the origins of our creative ideas and collective consciousness.

Happy weekend. Much love.



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