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What does Pinterest have to do with blogging? Everything if you care to grow your blog visibility. I have been a member of Pinterest for over a year but did not use it. One day I googled my blog and saw that several post had been pinned and suddenly realized the part Pinterest plays in social networking.

As many Word Press bloggers know and have discovered the more people that you read and follow increases your readership, and views. Pinterest exponentially multiplies the number of people exposed to your blog.

Firstly, make sure to add a Pinterest Pin Button below all blog post, making it easier for your post to be pinned by readers. If you decided to join Pinterest, include a Pinterest Follow Button on your sidebar. Additionally as a Pinterest user it is a great way to file blog post of your own or others for easy reference and accessibility. As well all of your Pinterest activity is displayed on your Timeline on Facebook. If you do not have a Facebook account you really are not that interested in social media and web visibility. Just Saying.

I love Pinterest for another reason all together. If is a great manifestation tool for me as I can visually create Vision Boards. I can create on one board all the places I want to visit, recipes I want to try, crafts and D.I Y, that I wish to create, and things I want to manifest.  The possibilities are endless.

So consider this option. Just google your blog and see for yourself. I will post my Pinterest for your examination and hopeful enjoyment. Get to pinning. See you on Pinterest. Now to see if I added that Follow Me On Pinterest on this blog.

My Pinterest

One other thing, since Pinterest and myself, are visually oriented you need a nice image on your blog post. Sometimes I will not pin a post if I do not like the image.


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