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Oh NO I DIDN’T!!! Yes, yes I did. Luckily for us Word Press bloggers, they do all the dirty work. I just took a class last semester on Abode Dreamweaver. Lol I was ill prepared. I thought I knew a lot, heck I had designed several great looking blogs at Word Press. Lol…My arrogance. Like I said Word Press handles it for you. Well I took the class one week at a time. I quickly realized that I was way over my head. I needed to know Photo Shop, Abode Flash, and some html code, which is SO INTIMATING to me. 🙂 So early on in the semester I go to the school library where about eight of the computers had the software, I am fumbling through the assignment and this nice young man ask, “Oh, are you working on Dreamweaver? Because I am certified. Can I help you?” he ask. WHAT? OMG! lol “Uh, Yeah!” I answer, or maybe, “Hell Yeah!,” thanking the universe for this blessing. I mean really what fortune is this? I have always been lucky like that. So this young man, I will call M, helped me. I got to talking to him and he told me he tutored and how much he charged. I was like, “Really? Well I am an unemployed student, You are going to have to give me a break.” He said, “No worries, we will work it out.” lol Which we did. So for the most part with his help and some questions I made it each week. He was hired at the school library was available Monday through Friday in the afternoon and evenings. I Know! Right?

So I fumbled through, when I major screwed up, M would fix it. He literally had to do 3 assignments for me, they were so over my head. I did learn some code…some, very little. So we are all the way to the final project, I had an A in the class, ( you can’t drop a class with an A) which was to design your own web page using Adobe Dreamweaver. I am like I got this, at least I can get it started…Hmm No! OMG! LOL I just was not prepared. I spent one weekend watching tutorials by this great Web Designer, “How to Build a Website, Start To Finish,” and I was, like, WHOA!

Anyway, I got an A in the class. I know more than I did about html code. The funny thing is I had watched an Adobe Muse video and when I signed up for the class, I was confused and thought it was Muse. In Adobe Muse there really is no need to know html code.

So! Knowing just a little bit about code has made blogging easier. Java Script does not work on Word Press. Text widgets and coding for music or buttons and so on, has really been helpful. I bring this up, as I just went to remove the music from bluebutterfliesandme, my primary blog, to do so, I just open the text widget and remove a bracket from the end of the code. That way if I want to put it back, I just replace the bracket.

So here are some links that I found helpful. A couple are basic but the Digital Craft Professional maybe advanced.

HTML code and Java Script

Java Script for beginners

Basic html codes

Digital Craft YouTube Video ~ Basic html code & CSS Styles in Adobe Dreamweaver

In my research found a very helpful Word Press blog post on html code.

Hope you enjoyed my story and are helped in some way.


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