Healing Your Ancestry

Feng Shui

The Feng Shui BaGua, an arrangement of eight trigrams and a center, serves as a map to match various components of your life with the corresponding areas in your physical world. This can be placed over the shape of a lot, the floor plan of a house or an individual room.

My friend blogger Leigh at Notes from the Bluegrass said, in her recent blog post, Here, that she had done a ceremony with friends on healing the ancestors, and was going to be writing a post on it. I commented that I was anxious to read it as I had done something like this in Qigong, and she ask me about it, so I am sharing it here.

As I commented to Leigh, it has been awhile so I only have a foggy recollection, thank goodness for Google. So our Qigong Instrucor showed us the Feng Shui BaGua above and had us create it around us mentally, we picturing ourselves in the center facing the Fame trigram. We stood in a Wuji posture and additional did the exercise Lift Chi up, Pull Chi down, to cultivate Chi, a chi burst gives you the energetic fuel to elevate the shin, or spiritual chi.

So as you can see you have your past on your left and your future on the right. I don’t recall the specifics but we went from our own conception, visiting our parents in coitus, filling the room with light and love and back generation by generation, branch by branch repeating this. We also did the future on the right. This is about all I can recall.

This was a hurried post as I now must get back to school work, Speech Interpersonal Communications, Art History and Cinema.


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