A Mad Woman Rants


Entitlement Ideology – Making Up the Rules as We Go (running from October 17 – October 23)

Interesting prompt, I am just going to roll off the top of my head with this one. I must warn that this menopausal, lunar affected woman doesn’t ooze sweetness during a full moon. It makes me edgy and irritable. Mercury going retrograde is also rubbing on me like sandpaper on my soft silky skin.

Entitlement ideology? Not really sure where that comes from? Anyway I am not going to worry about its origin, because I am entitled, we are entitled to happiness. Happiness is our birthright! Happiness is our birthright and society has tried to tell us otherwise, and most of the masses have drunk the Kool-Aid. I did not drink the Kool-Aid, and I know I deserve, I am entitled to happiness!

Rules? Yeah, I absolutely make them up as I go. I abide by laws that I must abide by. If in a society that had love and mutual respect for all living things, then only common sense rules would be necessary. Yes we all agree to drive on a designated side of the road, and so forth. People ask me what is my religion, and I really don’t know what to say. I am all things and nothing. I AM Brahman~ Such is the truth.

People who think it is okay, or whom feel that they are entitled to take from, or harm others, are only ultimately harming themselves, and for now, that may hurt us. However ultimately I am 100% in charge of my existence. So if I suffer, I am responsible for that suffering. If I triumph, I am responsible for that triumph. I am not saying that I am an island, but I am you, and you are me. Only the ridiculous out of control ego has issues. My Being laughs at such trivialities.

Recently a friend died, she was rather young 45, or so. She was one of two girlfriends I have had who died from accidental drug overdoses, both awesome women with deep sorrows…..anyway that’s really not the point. I spoke with my friend after her death. She was so happy, and free of all of those ridiculous egoic issues which she had in her life. It was really so confirming that it’s all such a moot factor. We just need to stay in touch with our Being, our Inner Divine Selves to know this is all just a polarity show.

So yes, I am entitled, and rules only if they are mandatory, or necessary.  We can even defy the laws of physics. I am Brahman, darkness and light, inside and out, I have no boundaries. I am just temporarily choosing selected conscious amnesia, and experiencing polarity in this biological vehicle, flesh suit.

And that’s what I have to say during this full moon that makes this hormonally imbalanced female flesh suit crazy!

Edited to Add:

My two favorite sayings regarding RULES.

Rules are made to be broken.

It’s easier to ask forgiveness , than it is to ask permission!

Dungeon Prompts

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