Little Story bout Jack & Lucille

Psychic Pharmacy Tech Photography

All that could be heard was the high pitch buzz from the insects on this late October afternoon. The sun low on the horizon still scorching the air as it entered the nostrils. Lucille Leroy walked the long dirt road past all the corn fields on her way home from town. Thoughts of the picture show still playing in her head. As Warren wooed Natalie, Bobby Joe had caressed her inner thigh. She was somewhat elated from the sensation and the memory.

The sun was quickly dipping below the corn and the light shot through like arrows. Lucille was not crazy about walking past the corn at night, the thought of that kid on “The Twilight Zone” sending the townspeople to the cornfield suddenly popped into her head.  Some of people in Mayville said they saw glowing green lights out there at night, “Why am I thinking these thoughts?” It was getting chilly and Lucille shivered, wishing she had a sweater. “Thank god,” she thought I am almost through the cornfield.” What she had not thought of was she still had to pass the old church and the graveyard before she was close to home.

As she rounded the curve in the old dirt road Lucille tripped and fell hard on her hands, she was now not only cold but scrapped and bleeding from her hands and knees. She sat there in the road with the cornfields to her back and started crying, more from anger and frustration, than from pain.  Looking in the dirt for the cause of her fall, she saw it, a skull embedded in the road, the sockets where eyes had once been just gapping up at her. Lucille quickly recovered and jumped to her feet. Now she was frightened and had the spooks, she looked in every direction, and then her eyes fell upon the church steeple. “Great, just great” she thought. She was now realizing where the skull must have come from the graveyard by the old abandoned Antioch Baptist Church; it even gave her the creeps in broad daylight. She was now visibly shaking from the cold and her imagination of things dead, undead, otherworldly…oh ghost, vampires, aliens….”Where was Warren Beatty when you needed him in your mind?”

Not knowing rather to run past the church and graveyard or just pull it together, she took a deep breath, and scoffed at the Cowardly Lion, straightening to her full confident height she walked ahead assuredly. The darkened windows of the church were what creeped her out the most. All she could think of was spectral demons lurking there from the dead in the graveyard. As she was looking at the church she had carefully avoided looking at the graveyard itself but now to make progress toward home, she must. “Shit” her heart almost stopped as she saw the figure of a lanky man, with long black hair and a top hat sitting on a gravestone near the road. “What the hell?”  Her worst fears seem to be manifest before her, a peculiar figure sitting on a gravestone. Her was looking directly at her, his skin was pale and he appeared to have smoky dark circles around his eyes, he tipped his hat as she cautiously approached.

“Good evening Madame,” says he in a silky tone. “”You look a little rattled and worse for the wear, “ he said pointing to her knees and alluding to her fear. “I am fine, thank you!” she snapped curtly, “I really must get home my dad is expecting me.”  The thing/man/creep, whatever he was smiled a ghastly grin at her, “How was the movie, Miss Lucille?” “What, what?” she was terrified now.

“Look, I don’t know who, or what you are fella, but mind your own damn business!” she was determined not to show her fear any more than she already was. “No need to fret now Miss Lucille. I am not going to harm you. I am just an observer of things round here. Needed a little company tonight, a little conversation. That’s all.” He says swinging a clock watch from a chain on a vest pocket. She stopped, planted her legs and turned to face him head on, there was the old iron fence between her and him sitting on the headstone, “Look Mister, you really creepin me out and I am cold and tired and I am about to curse!”  He just chucked softly and looked over his shoulder toward the graveyard behind him.

“No need to worry miss. I just wanted to see a pretty girl and say hello. I figured I would frighten you, but I know you can handle it. You see I know you. I know your thoughts. I know your feelings, and I know your desires.” He raised his right eyebrow as he nodded, in a gesture to say, “You know what I mean?” Lucille just looked at him, not smiling, “Okay, fine, whatever, what do you want spook?”

“Now that is not very kind of you Miss Lucille, and I know you to be a young lady of manners and grace. My name is Jack, and what I am…well that is a story for another time.” He gave her the same questioning gesture with the eyebrow.

“Well now, this is just a story for my diary, now isn’t it?” she says with some degree of attitude. “Okay, Mr. Jack….It was…well weird, as hell and downright spooky meeting you, but I really must go now!!!”

“That’s okay Miss Lucille, you get along home. Your Momma has chicken and dumplings on the table and she is starting to worry bout you.” Jack waved his hand down the road in the direction of her house.

“Well…okay, Jack.” If her Mom had chicken and dumplings when she got home she was gonna shit her pants. “Humm take care, ah, Jack,” she was apprehensive to turn away from him with her back to him, to start home. But she did, and she could feel his gaze on her. She took a couple of steps, “Ah, Miss Lucille?” she stopped and looked over her shoulder, he hadn’t moved at all, “Yes?” she asks, “Do come and see me again sometimes.” With that she turned and rushed the last half mile toward home.

She could see lights burning brightly from the windows, they appeared as the eyes of a jack-o – lantern in the darkness. The front door was open and her mother was standing there wiping her hand on her apron, “Lucille, where have you been girl? I was starting to worry sick. Get in here, what happened to your knees? Got the dumplins on the table!”

Sindy Sue Simms

October 25, 2013


I just let this story flow, as I was inspired by the photograph, which was taken by one of our very own. Shelley, at her blog Psychic Pharmacy Tech. See her work here, and check out her blog. I love her. I am entering her overall cemetery shots from the link as an entry. Not my story but that is my gift to the challenge. I really hope to see more spooky stories from the great writers at Word Press and spooky, dark art and photography too.


Namaste & Be Spooky!



17 thoughts on “Little Story bout Jack & Lucille

  1. The part of Jack is being played by Johnny Depp. Jack could be many things, it’s up to the reader. What the writer thinks will remain a mystery. Thanks for commenting and letting me know that you enjoyed the story. 😀

    You going to write one? Please! lol

  2. Hey you 🙂

    You know only too well how much I enjoyed reading this wonderful story of yours, and how delighted I was to read the second chapter on bluebutterfliesandme. It’s a fabulous read from start to finish.

    I am still fascinated by Jack’s dense, enigmatic and composite character…he feels at once to be many things: a personified gateway to another reality, a shadowy guide, an energising force, a supreme catalyst, a Will O The Wisp, and of course the mystery they call Jack O Lantern, the Pumpkin King.

    And yes, I have to agree with Shreejacob…there are many aspects of sassy SS in Lucille. One might almost go as far to consider them one and the same. 🙂

    And the word count…a straight run of 1’s…really spooky! Great fun, and a great challenge! lol


    DN – 26/10/2014

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