Spooky Writing Challenge


Feature story for Halloween cancelled. It did not get edited in time. Sorry it was Good! Maybe next year.

Spooky Writing Challenge  participants!  Thank you all so much! The winners is: Everyone! I just cannot pick a favorite. Next time we will post a poll for voting. I love the different styles, and they are all so different. I enjoy creative prompts like Dungeon Prompts and just getting those creative juices flowing. I am participating with the NaNoWriMo.orgo write a novel in one month challenge. It starts November 1. Good luck to everyone.

All The Spookette’s

Green Door

The Great Harvest

Did you see that Rabbit?

Won’t Leave You Behind

Halloween Scene Haiku

I am also out of town in Los Angeles for my birthday! lunch and dinner with friends. Having a great time. I created 2 really cute badges: In my tool bar, and here is the Photobucket link for code.

No Zombie Ate My Brain


Spell Award

If you want please take one for your blog and your participation. I will give each person a 3 cards reading. I will need your first name and email, I write them in Word and I am still behind from rewarding from my last challenge, in school so takes me awhile. Again thank you I loved all your poems, thoughts and stories.

Stay Spooky~




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