Blk & WhtI am a bit late on this Dungeon Prompt as I have been out of town, but friendship has been my main focus last week, so I wanted to write about it.

Since I left Los Angeles three years ago, I have had a bit of a hard time making new friends. When I was living in Louisiana there were not many like minded people, the closest I came were my directing teacher and math teacher at the college I attended. Now in Arizona I am still not making friends, so returning to Los Angeles and seeing so many friends was very renewing. Returning, revisiting, renewing, revitalizing, restoring, all great Mercury Retrograde activities. I was renewed seeing so many friends, I had a friend drive up from Orange County just to see me. Friends I have had since, 79, 84, 92 all, so many great friends, so much love.

I do have great friends here on Word Press as well just not someone to give your extra concert ticket to, here in Arizona. I got to spend last week, my birthday with my best friend, to stay in her house, to hugs her. I am so grateful for my friends. I have always been rich with friends and I look forward to creating new and enduring friendships.



Sindy & Pamella


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