The Chariot


So, Dungeon Prompts is back. Yea! This prompt is Motivation. Hmm now that is thought provoking. I am certain that my motivations are usually not that admirable. Just from my perspective I see motivation can come from either polarity; Good/Bad.

I have been motivated to clean house by a vase of fresh flowers, for some reason the beauty of the flowers wants its surroundings to equal its beauty. Otherwise it takes having guest over. Recently I was motivated to put a sheet down over my bed, to clean the disgusting filth from the blades of the ceiling fan, but it took guest coming over for a holiday get together. I was just not self-motivated to get up there and clean that crud. But when it came to thinking, “OMG, they may judge me?” I cleaned it. Why wasn’t I self-motivated to clean that for myself?

Too stop excessive behavior, or to lose weight, our jeans have to be too tight, or we suffer some health issue or scare. For me to be motivated to great change usually takes a catalyst, much like in the chemical reaction, motivation requires a catalyst.

Right now this moment I am thinking about required motivation. What will motivate me to take down all these Christmas decorations? The house will not be more cheerful, the garage will not be excited to have them back, I just can’t find a motivation. I guess it will have to be having guest over later in the month, and a fear of being judged as lazy.

Sometimes like the vase of fresh flowers, I can be motivated by motivations sister, inspiration. Inspiration from art, music, poetry, nature, a film, there are so many possible positive catalysts.

Chemicals are a catalyst. I don’t know about yawl, but coffee is the reason I get out of bed in the morning. Now would a wiser choice in catalyst be a breath taking walk in nature? Yes, but….

I suppose while considering this prompt, I did some introspection, therefore a very beneficial prompt. My conclusion is that we must consciously choose our catalyst to motivation, because if we don’t, some aspect of self, or karma flowing like a river will make a choice. It would be prudent for me to choose motivation catalyst, and not allow fear to be a catalyst.

This year is a 7, in numerology. It brings to mind The Chariot, of the Major Arcana in tarot. The Rider Waite deck image has the symbolism that best exemplifies what the card means to me. (Guess now I have my image.) The charioteer stands in front of the two polarities, to balance them, to drive the chariot forward. Just an image that always come to mind when relating to making conscious choices, not to mention it is a 7.

So it is certainly a good idea to observe the things that motivate me from moment to moment. What is motivating you?


Happy New Year Dungeon Prompts!


8 thoughts on “Motivation~

  1. Oo..I really like this post! I don’t know Sindy…I kinda like it when you talked about inspiration. How wonderful if we were all inspired to do things…
    I too do things for the fear of being judged. I’m learning to not do so. To tell myself it’s okay to be me..lazy and all 😉
    Right now, I’m learning to love myself and to be inspired to do things because I love myself…still at the seedling level though..hehe

  2. Great post,Sindy! I actually need to have company over more often to keep my place clean. I tend to let things gather and just read or write…but I do like to keep things organized. I prefer to be motivated as well…fear is not so fun but it does unfortunately motivate at times. Perhaps feeling that uncomfortable feeling of fear once in a while motivates one to lean towards motivation instead.

  3. I really enjoy a clean house but doing the cleaning…not so much. lol Fear should only serve a human as a fight or flight response, other than that, as Frank Herbert wrote in “Dune” “Fear is a mind killer.” I believe fear has been given an undeserved reverence, in a way. Much like in “Monster Inc.” Fear is an energy that “monsters” feed on.

    Do i feel motivated to go to work tomorrow? Um no, I really don’t. However that great motivator, coffee, will get me out of bed, and the great motivator, Abraham helps get me hyped for the drive, prayers of gratitude get me to the next level. Now unless I have a particularly fun work day, it drops before days end. I don’t not go to work out of fear however.

    Thank you so, so much for your comment. It is so great getting feedback. 😀 Especially positive feedback. lol


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