Mark R

 Painting~Mark Ryden


Lana spent her days sitting in her chair which was set in a shaded corner, watching as streams of sunlight slowly traced across the hard wood floor. Some days it was so bright it hurt her eyes even in her shaded corner and others there was only a faint block of light. Yet she sat through them all knowing what was today would change.

All was not peaceful and quiet, here in her little space. Draped as it was in pick and white. With lace and satin trimmings; pictures of unicorns or butterflies or even flowers hanging on the walls. Though no one thought to ask her which she liked best. In fact, it had been a long time since anyone had spoken to her at all. Long gone were the days of joyful laughter and dancing in the sunlight on warm days. No trips to the store or to friends’ homes, running between raindrops so as not to get too wet and smiling even when she was soaked to the skin.

She long ago forgot the smells of flowers on the Spring air and the fresh mown grass of Summer. The dancing buzz of bees in the flower garden has grown faint in her ears and the sparkle of butterfly wings is nothing but a fading dream.

Imagine the fright when she heard footsteps on the stairs. So long silent, those creaking boards. The sounds of voices, careless, too loud in this silent sanctuary. Her breath catching in her throat as the door opened to a high pitched squeal and she found herself suddenly swung into the air. Around and around until she didn’t know up from down.

And a voice, full of kindness and smiles speaking from behind. “See Bethany? Just like I told you, safe and sound right where you left her.”

Kira Moore

Kira Moore’s Closet


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