The Alchemist

A021 The Alchemist Kundalini (2)


The Alchemist

Dewin Nefol


 Thank you everyone for contributing, liking, and reading this years Spooky Writing Challenge. Stay tuned for my writing prompts and challenges. This amazing piece of art is my very dear friend’s Dewin Nefol, as he goes by here. I enjoyed hosting and wish more of us talented writer will join in the future.



Blessed Be



2 thoughts on “The Alchemist

  1. Hey Sindy 🙂

    I feel very blessed to have you choose my art-work and cannot begin to thank you enough for such kindness and consideration. It is a wonderful gesture, made more humbling when throughout your blog you select such wonderful imagery to accompany such fantastic stories and inspired writings.

    It really is a delight to share space amongst such a group of flourishing artists and literary souls, and to be made to feel so warmly welcome being hosted here at Writing Works in Progress.

    As always sweet SS…thank you dearly for our friendship, and for being such a beautiful blue flaming soul ❤


    DN – 01/01/2014

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