Blue Feather

My friend.



You know the phrase, “A little bird told me.” Well a little cat told me, (odie) that there was some speculation that a poem had been written about blue. Well now I love blue. I love poems. And the titillating suggestion that it regarded blue? Well I had to read it. I am speaking of a poem and post by my dear friend, artist, and poet, Dewin Nefol. Here is his poem.

Blue Feather

Singularly unique.

That’s you.

There’s no other Blue

more superlative than you.

Love’s unfathomable cobalt hue

crafted you blue

in lightening hue

electric you






No other

with your mesmerising blue

there’s never another

touching infinite blue

soaring forever in

Sky blue hue,






No other

Blue like you.

No other feather

blushes like you…

…tinted Blue Moon hue

is my sweet memory of you




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4 thoughts on “Blue Feather

  1. Hey yo,

    Thank you Sindy. This is really very kind of you 🙂

    Your friendship is a treasure that inspires and expands me as a person and encourages me to always strive harder with greater intention and truthful purpose. What more could one possibly ask for from a friend?

    It comes as no surprise to discover there is a huge Scorpionic heart emblazoned on the planet associated with your ruling Astrological deity Pluto. We may not have seen it from earth, but it’s been there all along 🙂

    Thank you for the re-blog, it is quite delightful. Have a wonderful afternoon and a fantastic weekend 🙂


    DN – 17/07/2015

  2. P.S: That is a fabulous image to accompany the poem. I keep coming back to look more at it, it’s very compelling 🙂 Thank you again.


    DN – 17/07/2015

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