Third Annual Spooky Writing Challenge


I cannot believe it, but it is now the Third Annual Spooky Writing Challenge, so sharpen your stakes, or your fangs, and come share a story, a poem, anything at all. Theme is wide open could be; of the supernatural, mystical, or just good monster, ghost story fun. The challenge will begin on October 15th, and go through November 1, Day of the Dead. It should be fun. I got nothing but an idea inspired by real life horror. lol

Get your pointy think cap going, and let me know. I am just going to post them as they come.

Be Booooooootiful~

Spook ya soon.



22 thoughts on “Third Annual Spooky Writing Challenge

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  3. Hi there! And happy birthday! I have a poem I would like to share, but it’s not really relevant to The Dream Well… not sure where I could post it? Maybe I should just start a new blog…

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