This is a working blog for a co-creative writing project with odie mama.

Here is the link to the story post.

Story post here.

There is now a page here with the story as well.

odie mama and myself reserve all rights to our collaborative efforts.

If you choose to share research that may assist, please do so.

Otherwise this is a blog just to communicate and work. I went totally Buddhist on my blog (not that I wouldn’t anyway) to communicate with odie mama, so now I can do it here and go in any direction on my other blogs.


Sindy’s Saturday Satsang

Peace & Peanut Butter

odie mama


Sindy & odie mama
















My Tee Shirt Store


9 thoughts on “About

  1. The music is Chris Polus on Sound Cloud. He has a lot of good stuff. He recently asked for url links to my blogs, where I used his music, but I haven’t heard back from him. I told him he gets compliments all the time. I want to hear “That’s a great story, I love your writing.” lol Just joking Judy, but Chris made the music, not me. ‘)

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