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  1. glad we are both doing so well with this story. what gave you the idea for the twin girls background story? i found it so real while i was reading it i was sure you got it straight from a mythology book! i love how we have multiple story lines going on. that adds to the intrigue. im going to try to work on bringing everyone together; the masters, the pet cat Bo, the little boy thats like shanzens brother, etc.. and on trying to remember everyones names. i just thought of a great idea. im going to create a character guide for us to reference. it will be especially handy to look at while we are adding our segments, and will ensure we can both keep track of this ever growing legend and all of its players!

  2. Great idea. I often have to go what was that characters name, and so on. What is bizarre about all story ideas is that I have them and then find them. The Whole Immortal Twins is in mythology but I did not know that prior. Do you want to know what I have in mind? Or do you want to be surprised? Everything on this blog plays into my ideas. I loved your inspiration page.

  3. thanks blue. i want to be surprised of course! but everything is panning out as if our parts are being crafted by destiny. i found the artwork by midnight digital for todays blog and only discovered later that he was the artist for the original post picture that we both were inspired by. then we both found the cool pic of the cherry tree with the lava flowing by it. this story is great and will become even great. surprise me!! i love it.
    oh, and the character list page is up. its in my menu section. i wanted to start a new blog of my own just for the story so that any of the widgets link directly to your pages. right now its eyesofodysseus with menus for The question and widgets for the question, and not enough links to all of the cool reference pages we’ve created.
    but the name “the question” was taken. any ideas blue? i need a good name for a seperate free standing blog for the question.

  4. Yea I think that is a great idea for you to have a working space for your story inspirations. I am sure you will come up with a good blog name. We need a title for the story. The Question was perfect for the photograph. What do you think? I saw your inspiration post right after you posted and commented how much I liked them. I knew it was the same artist right away. Yes, the story seems to write itself, destiny You just hit that last part out of the park! lol I hope I can meet that level of excellence. 🙂

  5. OM a title idea. “Quest of the Crane” What do you think? Do you have any ideas? I am still trying to get something fitting and catchy. Also “The Immortal Li’s” I don’t know just brainstorming.
    “Crane Li’s”
    “The Crane Li Quest”
    Anytjing? lol 🙂

  6. odie mama as I mentioned in some post, I am working on the Greek historical story, I do not think it a coincidence that you and I write together and you have a degree on the subject.

    In saying that, I think it is a project made for us as co-creators. It has a frame of historical references. The building of the Parthenon, Socrates, Pericles rule and so on. I see a rough outline and scenes like in a movie.

    I think I would like to approach the collaboration of this differently on this project, (although it works perfectly fine on the other one.) What do you think? I can see this story has so many possibilities. Any thoughts or ideas on a possible collaboration?

  7. hi blue,
    sorry ive been out of touch concerning the aspasia story. I heard of her during my studies. and am familiar with the historical facts of her life. so far the writing that you’ve done on the subject seems realistic. I havent fully looked into working on this aspasia story as i have been fully consumed with the quest: “the question”. and on creating a new blog completely dedicated to it.
    heres a sneak peak into what the site will look like
    not sure how to link that….but thats the site. i havent revealed it to the public yet. wanted to give you a look at it first…
    when this is taken care of i will look over your greek story. time is def. not on my side any longer with the full time job. nor are you as free anymore with all of your classes. perhaps you even have less time than i do. but we will still get this story done. and published. once on paper it will truly come alive. and i look forward to that.

  8. Hey don’t worry about aspasia story, I don’t even have time for it but I think it has great potential and when I can will write on it. She was supposedly friends with Socrates, I keep see great scenes with them. It was at the time the Parthenon was being built and I think that is a cool visual, can you imagine? Not to mention she was Pericles babe and able to converse with the Greek men of the day.

  9. bluebutterfliesandme
    Very cool odie mama. I really do not have time to write right now. I will be done with Psychology this week and History in another week, then I will have only my play and web design. Then I should have more free time.

    This is cool a place to be creative with the story.

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    SEPTEMBER 9, 2012 – 5:07 PM
    eyes Of Odysseus
    ok blue. i understand. let me know if you want me to go ahead and write the trials of the wind element. just to keep us moving ahead… i dont want us to lose to much momentum… once the dust and cobwebs have gathered it can be nearly impossible to shake them the world of writing.

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    SEPTEMBER 9, 2012 – 6:10 PM
    Well we have generally been two weeks in between installments and I have some idea of the direction I want to take it since you brought in the tiger factor. So wait, ok? Thanks!


    SEPTEMBER 9, 2012 – 6:36 PM
    eyes Of Odysseus
    Ok great. didnt mean to rush you at all or imply that you arent writing speedily enough, thats certainly not the case. just wanted to let you know i am free to help in any event. Two weeks has been fine (esp for me with work and art) and our segments are becoming full amazing chapters, so of course it takes us longer to create our magic.
    so take your time blue. though i eagerly await your addition, as always.
    hope the tiger tranformation didnt throw too much on our plates. just wanted to imply that while shanzen has physical kung fu as her strenght wei lin has magic… thought that would be cool.
    holy whole double indeed!
    love odie mama


    SEPTEMBER 9, 2012 – 6:42 PM
    Ignore me, I am extremely hormonal and menopausal and been in a very nasty mood. lol I went for herbal remedy yesterday at the one health food store and it was closed, this is why I have not responded or said anything about the post. As usual your writing was awesome but it did throw me off a bit but since my hormonal mood was so screwed up I just kept silent. don’t misunderstand I like it but it threw me. That is part of the fun.

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    SEPTEMBER 10, 2012 – 3:22 AM
    eyes Of Odysseus
    hi blue..
    no worries at all. I completely understand what you are going through and you have my support. i know i put a lot of unexpected twist and turns into the last segment story, and having an overarching “enemy character” was not an intention to rush it to some sort of conclusion (for there is no deadline). Nor did i intend to force it the story in a direction where the twins cant take the time to learn and grow with each other (because they are forced to save themselves from an impending danger). i just wanted to completely build in the upper arches of our story, an encompassing girdle for the tale so to speak. i hope you dont feel like ive forced us into a corner that needs immediate confrontation.
    For my part the truth of the girls’ universe and its physical realities are complete. I wont keep adding more and more and more layers to the stories reality. this comment is in no means a way to limit or try to put a frame work on what you’d like to do. im writing it as more a reassurance that im not throwing any more shrimp on the barbie… at least not for awhile. that being said i look forward to the surprise of your next segment. if necessary i think we can find a way to slow/reverse the action away from a quick conclusion if thats what you wish. i think we can both build on the suspense and mystery of what we’ve built into it without jumping the gun.
    do you feel that way too? i hope…
    also. im prob going to delete these comments in a few days from this site and move them to our discussion board in another place, as to keep this page limited to an about.
    feel better soon…
    odie mama.

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    SEPTEMBER 10, 2012 – 3:31 AM
    Yes, no problem, it is all good, really. I have just been moody and angry and need my medicine. lol You can move them. That is why I set a message section on Writing Works In Progress. The story is fine, we can write whatever and if need be make changes later. For now it is flowing, so lets just ride it.


    SEPTEMBER 10, 2012 – 3:57 AM
    eyes Of Odysseus
    ok great. moving comments now to your message board on the writing works in progress page as one long comment. i have exactly the same feeling about the tale. its def flowing.
    thanks as always for your support on this project, rain or shine..
    feel better soon blue. spirit hugs.

  10. hello. I revised my last segment and bought our characters a lot of time…
    please reread when you have a chance. I also just cleaned it up in general. I hope you like it better. I def feel its an improvement. 🙂

  11. Oh honey bunny!!! I didn’t dislike it.I don’t know when I will get a chance maybe tomorrow. I spent all day reading History, the Greeks and now the Romans fun. I actually do like History. Ok cool I look forward to it.

  12. Hi Blue. the new segments (parts 1 and 2) are up. i joined both parts of your last segment together with the tiger transformation. so the barb coast is no longer a separate entity. more like a parallel story.
    if you would like to write one story line (the barb coast slavery tale) while i write the monastery mystery, we can join them together later. i have no objections. but if so you’d def have to take the barb coast line story as im more interested in the dealings with the twins and master wu at the monastery. the game is afoot! 🙂

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